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Premium Noni Juice


Rs 650.00

MYL Noni Juice is a sugar free formulation, which strengthens the immune system, Nourishes Body cells, Improves Nervous System. Noni, Morinda Citrifolia is also called Miraculous fruit. One of best known Antioxidant rich in Vit A, C,  B3 ( Niacin) Iron and potassium, MYL Noni Juice is a remedy for lot of problems. MYL Noni  Juice is a natural extract bottled for you &  your Family to have better healthy life.

What Are Benefits of Premium Noni Juice

  • Detoxifies body and boost immunity.
  • Daily consumption of Noni helps saves from Cancer.
  • Reduce joint pain & Inflammation, Helpful to Arthritis patients.
  • Fight ageing, maintains elasticity of Skin.
  • Reduces dandruff & Hair fall.
  • Provides energy to the body throughout the day.

How to Use Premium Noni Juice

  • Adults : 10-15 ml.Use Twice A Day.
  • Children : 5-10 ml. Use Twice A Day Or As Directed By The Physician.
  • Keep away from direct sun light.
  •  Keep it in cool and dark place

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