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Tummy Care


Rs 235.00

Every second person is suffering from digestive disorders. Reason is unhygienic, junk and packing food, which is unhealthy to our body. Poor eating habits these  days results into blockage of stomach & severe constipation. Everybody is today’s time is in a rush and stress of work and eat fast food to fulfill the homage.  It leads to digestive disorders and badly effects the functioning of the body. MYL tummy care is an ayurvedic remedy very effective and safe, A correct composition of isabgol, Senna, nimbu sat, a agroair, black salt, harad makes it a perfect solution for stomach disorders.

What Are Benefits of Tummy Care

  • Cures severe constipation.
  • Cures headache due to acidity
  • Cures helps to burning chest, hand & feet. 
  • Helps to stay energetic throughout the day.
  • Care your Tummy with MYL Tummy care. 
  • A healthy body and smiling fare makes your day.
  • ½ to 2 Teaspoon full with lake warm  water of bed time.

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